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By joining you gain access to exclusive, money saving discounts on services and programs, legislative updates and advocacy as well as valuable educational opportunities. We aim to help you grow and protect your business, promote the retail industry and save your business money.

RAM uses the combined buying power of our members to offer a variety of services and programs that can increase your business' profits. Whatever your business needs, we can recommend a program for you. We've done the research and negotiated on behalf of our members with the providers, thereby getting the best deal possible to save your business money. By utilizing RAM's cost saving programs and services, members realize a quick return on their annual dues investment, more than making up for their RAM membership fee by what they save on their fixed costs.

As the active voice of the retailing community, RAM represents members and their interests before all branches of state government in an effort to protect, preserve and promote the thriving retail sector of the Massachusetts economy. RAM's staff of three registered lobbyists remains keenly engaged in the debate and discussion on both the legislative and regulatory fronts with regard to all issues that impact the retail community. Members are constantly kept up-to-date on issues through a quarterly newsletter, regular e-news alerts and the web site. RAM breaks down the issues so you can clearly see the potential impact they could have on your business.

We have also taken great steps to streamline the process of political involvement because we understand that running a retail business is hard work that doesn't leave you with much free time in your schedule. By using our online advocacy center, members can contact their legislators on issues of importance and make their voices heard- in less than ten minutes!

At RAM, we are continuously working to offer you new service opportunities, as well as improve the programs that we currently offer.

Below are some of our cost-saving services and programs available to you with your RAM Membership***:



For locally based, independent small businesses only.  Large regional or national companies, associations, suppliers, or vendors, should contact our Membership Director, Andi Shea at [email protected] for more information on dues and membership.

First and Second Year Membership Annual Dues:

First Year of Membership                        $50.00

Second Year of Membership                   $125.00


Third Year and Beyond Membership Annual Dues:

Membership is based on an investment schedule using your business' most recent annual gross sales to determine your dues rate.

ANNUAL GROSS SALES                                                      MEMBERSHIP DUES

Up to $500,000                                                                         $175.00

$500,000 to 1,000,000                                                             $225.00

$1,000,000 to 1,500,000                                                          $275.00

$1,500,000 to 2,500,000                                                          $500.00

$2,500,000 to 5,000,000                                                          $1,000.00

$5,000,000 to 7,500,000                                                          $1,500.00

$7,500,000 to 10,000,000*                                                       $2,000.00

Over $10,000,000                                                                    $2,000.00 + $1000 per additional $10M in sales

Associate Members**                                                              $250.00 per year always


* If annual gross sales exceed $10,000,000 please contact RAM at 617-523-1900.

** Please be aware that associate members do not have access to discounted services like Workers' Comp or Health Insurance; this membership category is NOT offered to retailers. RAM does not give out membership information or post it publicly. All associate member applications are reviewed and accepted on an individual basis, based on qualifications. If you are interested in becoming an associate member, email Andi Shea, RAM's Membership Director at [email protected] for more information.

***Some RAM member services have specific eligibility criteria which may limit member qualification based upon such factors as state regulatory requirements, average employment numbers, experience rating and services usage history, industry segmentation exclusions, as well as pricing based on company historical data.  In order to deliver the best quality services at the lowest and fairest costs for all members under regulatory and market place standards, it should be noted that not all RAM services will fit all RAM members.  But please note that your Association works hard to deliver the lowest cost, broadest eligibility, and best services to all our members.  If your company does not fit our eligibility or cost savings criteria for a certain service, we remain confident that our entire list of services will deliver to you multiple options to save on your bottom line, and to allow you to more than recover your investment in the Retailers Association of Massachusetts.