Create A Winning Hand with RAM's

Credit Card Program


RAM is committed to understanding the credit card game and creating a winning hand for our members.  Listen to our industry expert, Frank Scearbo, break down the fees; hidden or otherwise, and learn how to save through better understanding and from leveraging our buying power.

Click here to watch the webinar taped on June 14, 2022.



I've been dealing with Frank for many years he offers tremendous customer service. I never asked him a question or needed to solve a problem when he didn't get back to me within 24 hours and always finds a solution or an answer. I recommend him to anyone needing the service. He takes care of my PCI compliance so all I have to do is approve it. There is always someone who tells me they can get my business at a lower rate but I would never change because those lower probably temporary rates usually offer little customer service.

He also sends me a Christmas card, Thanksgiving card and even a birthday card. He's the best and very knowledgeable. 

~Paul Greenwood, Lynne Greene Interiors