Staff Responsibilities 


Telephone: (617) 523-1900
Toll-free: (877) RAM-6580
Fax: (617) 523-4321

Jon B. Hurst
(617) 523-1900 Ext. 120
[email protected]¬†
Contact for: government relations, economic development, federal issues, financial services, store hours/blue laws/Thanksgiving openings, unemployment insurance, workers compensation/self-insurance groups, credit & gift cards, labor, item pricing/ scanning, minimum wage/ Sunday premium wage/training wage, paid parental leave

Bill Rennie
Vice President
(617) 523-1900 Ext. 110
[email protected]
Contact for: government relations, consumer protection, energy, environmental, taxation, licensing boards, pharmacy, public health, transportation, marketplace competition/sales and advertising, product stewardship/advanced disposal taxes, RFID/EPC, sales tax streamlining & simplification/ local option, sales tax holiday, health care reform implementation, product safety/ labeling bans, public and media relations

Ryan Kearney
General Counsel
(617) 523-1900 Ext. 130
[email protected]
Contact for: government relations, loss prevention committee, labor issues (minimum wage, overtime, child labor), food/restaurant, food stamps,/EBT/WIC, public safety, alcoholic beverages/tobacco/lottery

Andrea Shea
Membership Director
(617) 523-1900 Ext. 150
[email protected]
Contact for: all membership issues, membership benefits and services, membership communications, newsletters and mailings, RAMAE awards program, small business retail seminars, RAM publications, grassroots advocacy, website

Linda Hein
Finance Manager
(617) 523-1900
[email protected]
Contact for: finance and administrative issues, member invoicing, membership mailings

Joe Barnes
Business Development Director
(978) 478-7430 cell
[email protected]
Contact for: membership recruitment, member service sales

A'Diyanna Zeidel
Business Development Manager ~ Western MA
(774) 707-0729 cell
[email protected]

Contact for: membership recruitment, member service sales

Vanda Bernadeau
Business Development Manager ~ Metro Boston
(617) 980-9477 cell
[email protected]

Contact for: membership recruitment, member service sales