May 26, 2021


Solvency Fund Legislation Prompts Two Month Extension of First Quarter UI Payment Due Date

State officials have again extended the due date for first quarter unemployment insurance payments from Massachusetts employers.  Originally extended by the Department of Unemployment Assistance to June 1st, the deadline for employer payments has again been pushed out another two months to Monday, August 2nd.  August 2nd is also the due date for second quarter employment and wage detail filings and contributions. Members can expect further information on the 2021 employer rates and solvency assessment from the Department of Unemployment Assistance soon.

The delay comes as the Legislature and Baker Administration work to pass legislation designed to address the unexpected solvency assessment increases recently experienced by employers in their Q1 bills.  Currently on the Governor’s desk awaiting approval, the legislation proposes shifting pandemic-related unemployment claims, currently charged to the solvency fund, into a new COVID fund which will be amortized over a 20-year period through bonding.  The move is designed to provide employers with short-term relief from the solvency assessment spikes, however the burden of paying off the program’s $7 billion deficit over the 20-year period will remain squarely on the shoulders of the Commonwealth’s employers.  




RAM continues to push for the state to share in this responsibility by utilizing a portion of the billions of dollars in American Rescue Plan funds coming into the Commonwealth to pay down the UI deficit.  RAM members are strongly encouraged to take action today by contacting their state legislators and Governor Baker and requesting their support in using federal pandemic recovery funds as a means to mitigate the long-term impact of the UI deficit on businesses and job growth.  For your convenience, RAM has prepared a voter voice campaign which you can use to facilitate your communication. Please join us in this effort by contacting your elected officials today.




Unemployment Work Search Requirements Reinstated Week of June 15th 


Work search requirements for all regular Unemployment Insurance claimants will be reinstated the week of June 15th.  The requirement also applies to claimants receiving Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and those on Extended Benefits.  Massachusetts temporarily suspended the work-search requirements in March 2020, following updated federal guidance at the outset of the pandemic.  The reinstatement coincides with the state's announced target date for lifting the current state of emergency.  For more information, please read the Baker Administration's Press Release


MA Face-Covering Order Rescinded May 29th


Effective May 29th the Commonwealth’s face-covering order will be rescinded.  The Department of Public Health (DPH) has issued a new Advisory Regarding Face Coverings and Cloth Masks, which is consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s updated guidance.  The state guidance advises all unvaccinated residents to continue to wear face-coverings in indoor settings and when they can’t socially distance.  For more information regarding changes please visit the DPH website
Under the Advisory, private businesses may adopt and implement their own face-covering policy to protect their employees and customers.  RAM has prepared the following model signage for use by members choosing to adopt a private face-covering policy aligned with the state and CDC guidance regarding unvaccinated individuals.  Visit our website at to download this image.