Senate Task Force on the Future of Retail

A special Senate task force designed to review and report on efforts to strengthen the local retail sector in the Commonwealth has been visiting communities around the Commonwealth. 
These meetings are open to the public and include an opportunity for public comment.  RAM urges interested members to attend the event and participate in this important conversation by sharing with the task force competitive issues facing your business.  If you have concerns over cost issues created through state mandates including: discriminatory application of the  sales tax for local stores vs untaxed online sellers; discriminatory Sunday and holiday time and a half pay requirements for stores which exempts online fulfillment centers; state labor mandates including paid sick leave for part timers; proposals for paid medical and family leave for the very same part timers; a $15 minimum wage when we are one of the very few states without a teen wage and one of only two states with Sunday/holiday premium pay; unequalled small business health insurance costs and new payroll assessments; and other bottom line issues, then this is your opportunity to speak up!  With mobile commerce taking more discretionary consumer dollars, it is time to have a meaningful discussion on whether state public policy is unwittingly driving vital purchases out of state to online sellers. 
Bad and costly public policy can lead to dark storefronts, and can initiate a small business domino effect which threatens the very future of Main Streets across the Commonwealth.  Please note that the Senate Retail Task Force consists of a mix of elected officials, union leaders, and retail industry representatives, including RAM president Jon Hurst, and various RAM members


Media Coverage:

State Senate names retail task force

Cape Cod: Hyannis

Senate Task Force Gets Retail Pitch From Local Businesses, January 24, 2018, Cape Cod Chronicle.

Western Mass: Northampton

State retail task force’s listening tour swings through region, February 5, 2018, The Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Click here to watch hearing from Northampton

North Shore: Salem

Senate Task force hears North Shore Retailers' concerns, March 5, 2018, The Salem News.

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