January 10, 2024

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MA Legislature Returns for 2024 Session 

On Wednesday, January 3rd, the Legislature officially opened for business for the second year of the current two-year legislative session.  For the next seven months, through July 31st, the Legislature will operate in Formal Session.  During this upcoming busy stretch, lawmakers will have to make decisions on thousands of bills currently pending before various joint committees.  
Simultaneously, the development, debate and eventual adoption of an annual state budget will again dominate a good portion of the agenda.  Budget writers will have their work cut out for them this cycle as state revenues have missed projected benchmarks for the first six months of the current fiscal year, FY24.  Governor Maura Healey responded to the revenue trend with a series of immediate budget cuts in FY24, and a lowering of future revenue expectations.  She is due to file her FY25 budget proposal on January 24th.
In addition to the budget, other high profile agenda items may include gun reform, curbing health care costs, improving childcare access and affordability, housing affordability and adoption of an economic development plan. 

 AG Campbell Targeting Junk Fees 

Last month, Attorney General Andrea Campbell released a set of proposed regulations to prohibit hidden or “junk fees,” which she has described as being used to deceptively hike prices on consumers above advertised prices.  Based on feedback from members, RAM submitted written testimony to the AG urging her to move slowly and thoughtfully on these issues, allowing for more time to collect comments, and to defer to a similar federal rulemaking process currently underway at the FTC.  RAM also urged the AG to take a limited, narrow approach in the regulations to really focus on the bad actors, and to limit unintended consequences that may impact legitimate transaction processes. 
There is no set timeline on next steps, as the AG continues to take all comments under advisement.

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