March 29, 2024



To:             RAM Members
From:        Jon Hurst, President
RAM has been approached by the Healey/Driscoll Administration to determine potential work opportunities within the retail sector for newly arriving migrants which have received work permits.  We recognize there are employment shortages for some of our members, yet we also recognize the importance of customer sales and service for most jobs for our members.  Language can certainly be a barrier unless you have some positions which are primarily warehousing, stocking, cleaning, etc. 

In order to better understand the opportunities and barriers for job placement for work permitted migrants with our members, please take a few moments to respond to this SurveyMonkey.  Responses are confidential, and requested contact information is optional, and is for RAM use only, unless you specifically opt-in to being contacted by state labor officials about opportunities (Question #3).

It is important that we hear from our chain members in addition to our independents on this survey so we can gauge opportunities and interest, and challenges across sectors and sizes of our membership.  Thank you in advance for your time, and important and honest responses on this timely request.

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