RAM Board Urges NO on Question 1, YES on Question 3

The RAM Board of Directors recently voted unanimously to officially oppose the passage of Question 1, which would mandate rigid, costly and medically unproven nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in every hospital in the Commonwealth.  Appropriate staffing decisions are best left to the experienced nurses and doctors working directly with patients – not set by an inflexible and bureaucratic government mandate.  Studies estimate that should this question pass it would increase healthcare costs in the Commonwealth by over $1 Billion each year.

The RAM Board urges a NO vote on Question 1.  For more information visit the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety 

The Board also took a position on Question 3, which asks voters whether or not the state’s recent law prohibiting discrimination against persons based on gender identity should remain on the books.  RAM opposes discrimination on any basis, of any kind, and supports the basic rights of all individuals to be treated fairly and equally.   

The RAM Board urges a YES vote on Question 3, to keep in place the current law, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity in places of public accommodation. 

The official voter’s summaries of the questions that will appear on the ballot this November can be found on the Secretary of State’s website here.