July 14, 2020


Oppose Local & Regional Transportation Ballot Initiatives

The Massachusetts Senate is scheduled to consider legislation (S. 2813) establishing a program of investments to make the Commonwealth’s transportation system more reliable, address deferred maintenance and modernize and expand the system.  The legislation, in part, would authorize the use of Local and Regional Transportation Ballot Initiatives to raise revenue needed to fund transportation projects through local/regional sales, property, room occupancy and vehicle excise tax surcharges.

As local and regional tax increases stand to increase your cost of doing business and place Massachusetts businesses like yours at a competitive disadvantage, RAM strongly urges members to contact their elected officials to request their SUPPORT of Amendment #230 - Local Option Tax Surcharge, which would remove those provisions authorizing local/regional tax surcharges entirely, and Amendment #239 - Local Option Sales Tax Surcharge, which would alternatively remove those provisions authorizing local/regional sales tax surcharges only.   

Click here to contact your legislators and to learn how this proposal will impact your business.