REMINDER: MA Minimum Wage Set to Increase to $11.00 per hour on January 1,2017

The minimum wage law applies to all employees except those being rehabilitated or trained in charitable, educational, or religious institutions; members of religious orders; agricultural, floricultural, and horticultural workers; those in professional service; and outside salespersons not reporting to or visiting their office daily. See M.G.L. chapter 151, §§1 and 2. For further information regarding the Massachusetts state minimum wage, contact the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards at (617) 626-6952 or visit MA Department of Labor website. In no case shall the Massachusetts minimum wage rate be less than $0.50 higher than the effective federal minimum rate.

Wait staff, service employees and service bartenders may be paid the service rate if they regularly receive tips of more than $20 a month, and if their average hourly tips, when added to the service rate, are equal to or exceed the basic minimum wage. See M.G.L. chapter 151, §7.