March 15, 2020 E-news


An Important Message From The Retailers
Association of Massachusetts


The crisis situation is changing by the day and even the hour.  Please know that your association understands the strains and confusion our members, your employees, and customers are going through.  Depending on what they sell and their business model, RAM members are going through feast or famine. From supply chain, to employee policies and availability,  social distancing, consumer demand, operating hours, and government support efforts to government restrictions on public gathering and operations, the situation will continue to evolve.  RAM continues to interact on a daily basis with our leaders in state government, and with our national partners in Washington DC.  Legislation and regulatory action is expected to be finalized soon both on the federal and state levels dealing with issues including temporary paid sick leave, emergency use of the unemployment insurance system, and special SBA loans up to $2 M.  The gathering restrictions in the Commonwealth of 25 people, with restaurant/bars/schools closed March 17-April 7.  Stores can still be open and are exempt from the 25 number under any scenario.  Restaurants can do take out & delivery. During this critical time, please make sure you keep yourselves educated on the changes affecting your businesses, your employees and your customers.  As noted below, we at RAM will keep our website up to date, and urge you to visit frequently.  Note that links both to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts site, and to the National Retail Federation site will give your important and timely information going forward.  And the sites all include important links to other key sources on a variety of information including industry specific data.  Please check those sites on a daily basis. 
As RAM works with government, industry, and media partners, it is important that we know how we can best serve you, our 4000 members.  Please review the following article and participate in this important survey, which will help us better serve you.  We are in this together, and we will get through this if we stick together as an industry.

Jon Hurst, President


COVID-19 Survey and Business Resources

RAM and several of our small business partners, including local chambers of commerce, are focused on serving our members and our industries through this difficult time.  To better understand how best to work for our members as we guide public policy leaders, opinion leaders and the press, it is important that we get important feedback from you.  Please take a few moments to respond to the survey by clicking here. We will plan to do a follow up survey in early April.
We also strongly suggest that you visit the RAM website at to stay current on the COVID-19 crisis.  RAM has links on our website to both the Massachusetts site, and the National Retail Federation site.  Both are constantly being updated with state, national and industry specific information, and further have data and links to other important information sources. 
Thank you for taking time to better educate us; and for working together as an entire industry on how we best serve customers, our communities, and our employees.