July 2, 2020


MA Enters Phase Three of Reopening Plan on Monday, July 6th


Gov. Charlie Baker announced today that Phase Three of the Reopening Massachusetts plan will begin on Monday July 6th, allowingfor gyms, museums, movie theaters and more to resume some operations, with continued social distancing, face-covering and increased hygiene practices in place.  Phase Three will "last significantly longer than the other phases," according to Gov. Baker, and will be divided in two steps. 
With the beginning of Phase Three, the retail sector guidance will be updated to allow for an increase in occupancy to 50%.  The new guidance is also expected to allow for increased use of general dressing and fitting rooms, with requirements of removing garments and frequent cleaning in place.  The new retail guidance will be updated and posted to the retail sector-specific safety protocols and recommended best practices over the weekend.
All businesses must continue to comply with the Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces

Also in Phase Three, restrictions on indoor gatherings will be capped at eight people per 1,000 square feet with a maximum of 25, while outdoor enclosed gatherings will be limited to 25 percent of permitted capacity with a maximum of 100.

All members are encouraged to closely review the new Phase Three guidance to ensure compliance in advance of July 6th.  



Discounted Disinfectant Offered to RAM Members

Nano Safety Solutions and the RAM are proud to partner together during this difficult time. Nano Safety Solutions has an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that is on CDC's list of approved products that kills covid-19.  The Nano-Shield Antimicrobial System is a 2-part solution. It is comprised of a full spectrum hospital grade disinfectant (EPA Reg. No. 10324-81-90896) that kills viruses, including human Coronavirus.  The second part is a biostatic agent (EPA Reg. No. 81446-1) which creates a barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria as well as mold, mildew and fungus that cause odors and stains of the treated surface for up to 90 days.  Nano-Shield uses a safe mechanical action making it the preferred choice for the safety of your business and home.  We use hi-tech equipment like our Electro-Static Sprayer that charges the Nano-Shield solution molecules allowing it to cling to any surface giving 100% coverage
As a RAM member you will receive a 10% discount on all antimicrobial applications. They have done multiple food processing plants and several restaurants as well as schools, office buildings, locker rooms and gov’t buildings.  Over 3 million square feet have been applied to date. Once completed, Nano Safety Solutions will issue a certificate that shows that an independent company has totally disinfected your restaurant or business and ensure the employees and customers confidence to come in and enjoy a safe, comfortable atmosphere. They have been vetted by multiple leading independent food safety consultants as a preferred choice. For questions please contact Jim Muldoon, Pres., at 978-273-1847 or email Jim at [email protected]