Moving Ahead on Sales Tax Ballot Question

Moving Ahead on Sales Tax Ballot Question

RAM’s membership overwhelmingly decided this week to move forward with an effort to put a sales tax ballot question before the voters that would reduce the state sales tax to 5% and mandate an annual sales tax holiday.

This much needed measure will provide meaningful relief to small businesses while significantly benefiting seniors and low-income families who pay a disproportionate amount of their income in sales tax.

Today, RAM represents more than 3,500 small retailers that populate the Main Streets of the cities and towns of the Commonwealth, provide good paying jobs, and bring vibrancy and economic vitality to their communities. Unfortunately, far too many of these small businesses are struggling due to tax-free competition from New Hampshire and online sellers. By reducing the sales tax and coupling it with an annual sales tax holiday each year, we can give these small businesses and their employees a fighting chance to compete and survive.

We are fully aware that our proposal will likely be part of a conversation about the fairness of our state tax code and strongly believe that a reduction in the sales tax deserves to be included in that dialogue. The reality is that the sales tax is the most regressive form of taxation in the Commonwealth and reducing it will significantly help those at the bottom of the income ladder, especially seniors and low-income families.

Starting this weekend, we will begin the process of collecting the required signatures along with important work of building a broad, bipartisan coalition of supporters for the effort. And while there is a long and hard road ahead, we are confident that come next November the voters will understand and support our efforts.


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