RAM is pleased with the announcement by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) that it will be increasing the financial incentives offered as part of its wellness program—Healthy Actions. The incentive program now provides businesses the opportunity to receive a reward amount of up to 7.5% of paid premium (up from 5%) based on the wellness participation of their covered employees. The program also provides a financial incentive of up to $300 a year to covered employees that successfully complete the program.

This news is particularly positive for members of the RAM Health Insurance Cooperative (RAMHIC) which beginning April 1, 2015 has included Healthy Actions in all BCBSMA plans offered through the cooperative. When combined, the Healthy Actions rewards and the RAMHIC upfront discount of 2%, result in a potential savings of 9.5% on health insurance premiums for qualifying small businesses.

For a copy of the press release announcing this program please click here. Members interested in learning more about the RAMHIC may contact Larry Mulrey at 617-523-1900.