November 27, 2023

How Are Your Holiday Sales?


During the season, RAM tracks and reports on statewide holiday sales figures.  We greatly appreciate your assistance in completing this initial three question survey on your November sales.  Please check back periodically and provide us your updated numbers throughout the holiday season.

Click here to respond to the survey. 

Thank you for your assistance and participation. We wish you a safe and prosperous holiday season!


Health Insurance Enrollment Survey


The MA Health Connector has reached out to RAM as well as other employer associations to ask us to share their survey with our members.  They are trying to get a snapshot of whether employers have seen any increases in enrollment this year, and if there’s anything else the Commonwealth can be doing to support them. 

This survey is informal and takes under 5 minutes to complete: Quick Survey of Massachusetts Employers on Recent Health Coverage Shifts (



Upcoming Webinars on December 6th -- Retirement Planning

There has never been a better time to start a retirement plan!  The federal government recognizes citizens have not saved nearly enough to produce a comfortable retirement and have recently rolled out tremendous TAX CREDITS to help employers provide access to retirement savings vehicles, like 401k’s. 

Additionally, legislation has been passed liberalizing the creation of Multiple Employer Retirement plans.  These arrangements have shown the ability to streamline administration, decrease an employer’s fiduciary liability, and in many cases, save thousands. 

The Retailers Association of Massachusetts wants to help on both fronts!  RAM has rolled out a Multiple Employer 401k Plan to make the prospects of offering a plan simple and painless as well as provide a powerful alternative for employers who wish to decrease their administration, eliminate their annual audit, and save cost. 

Please join us on DECEMBER 6TH to learn more about these TAX CREDITS and the advantages of our Multiple Employer 401k Plan.

9:30am  click here to register

1:30pm  click here to register