November 28, 2022

How Are Your Holiday Sales?


During the season, RAM tracks and reports on statewide holiday sales figures.  We greatly appreciate your assistance in completing this initial three question survey on your November sales.  Please check back periodically and provide us your updated numbers throughout the holiday season.

Click here to respond to the survey. 
Thank you for your assistance and participation. 
We wish you a safe and prosperous holiday season!

Thank you.

2023 Retail Holiday Calendar

Click here to download a printable 2023 Retail Holiday Calendar.

Tell Congress - Stop the Rail Strike

The National Retail Federation has relaunched its grassroots effort to encourage Congress to act now to prevent a rail strike. The letter urges Congress to enact legislation that adopts the framework of the Presidential Emergency Board’s recommendations.

Unfortunately, the parties are not going to be able to reach a new deal, so Congress is going to have to step in to prevent or end a strike. The railroads will start to suspend operations in advance of a strike actually happening to secure sensitive cargo. It is important to contact Congress now and encourage them to pass legislation in advance of a strike and ensure continued operations.

Click here to respond to the NRF campaign, Stop the Rail Strike.