2021 RAM Annual Meeting & Virtual RAMAES

November 3, 2021 from 9-11:30 

Special guest speaker, Governor Charlie Baker will speak at 9:30 am.

Click here to register to attend in person (Board members only), or to join virtually (Board members, Legislative Committee members, & any RAM member.)

For questions about this meeting, contact Andi Shea, RAM Membership Director at [email protected].


Call to Action: Replenish Unemployment Trust Fund


RAM members are urged to contact their elected officials and request support for using available federal and state resources to replenish the depleted Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund.  The recent pandemic resulted in a $7 billion UI deficit, which employers will have to pay off via assessments over the next 20 years.

The deficit was caused by government’s decision to shut down the economy during the pandemic -- not business related decisions made by employers. Massachusetts should take on a shared responsibility in covering these costs by following the more than 30 states that have already used available federal recovery funds to replenish their COVID-depleted UI Trust Funds.

Please ask your elected officials to support the appropriation of $2 billion in available funds for UI to mitigate the enduring economic impact of this unprecedented tax increase. 

To learn more about the issue please click here

Click here to contact your elected officials.