January 21, 2021


Governor Baker Eliminates 9:30PM Business Restrictions
Extends 25% Capacity Two More Weeks


Reacting to the recent improving trends in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations three weeks into the new year, Governor Charlie Baker announced today the elimination of the 9:30 PM business curfew that many businesses have currently been operating under.  Since November 6th, all alcohol sellers had been required to stop selling alcohol at 9:30 PM, restaurants had been limited to takeout and delivery only after that hour, and many other recreation related businesses were required to close.  Those restrictions end effective at 5:00 AM on Monday, January 25th
The Governor also announced the extension of the current capacity and gathering restrictions for another two weeks.  Industry restrictions for capacity limits and reduced gatherings initially went into effect on Saturday, December 26th, and are now extended to February 8th.  Click here for more information on the current limits. 
Lastly, the Governor announced an end to the state's general Stay-at-Home Advisory, also being repealed effective Monday at 5:00 AM. 



PPP Webinar Monday, January 25

The Massachusetts SBA District Office is collaborating with RAM to provide an update on the Paycheck Protection Program and a Q&A session on all the latest news related to COVID relief.


Join the SBA’s Massachusetts District Office on Monday, January 25th at 9am for an overview on all of the new relief programs available through the recently passed Consolidated Appropriations Act, including: 

  • PPP Second Draw Key Dates & Changes
  • PPP Forgiveness
  • Expanded Eligible Expenses
  • Shuttered Venue Operators Grant
  • Debt Relief Program Extension
  • Traditional SBA Lending Modifications
  • Repeal of EIDL Advance Deduction