May 21, 2020


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Are you disappointed in the  Governor’s arbitrary, scientifically inconsistent, and economically damaging reopening plan?  Then let him, the  LT. Governor and your state legislators know today!  Click here and go to our grassroots link and send them an email stating how your business is at risk!


All Essential Businesses are Required to Self-certify by May 25th to Remain Open


Non-essential retail stores continued to be limited in Phase One, with expansion to allow for curbside pickup on May 25th
However, ALL “Essential Businesses” that remain open have until May 25, 2020, to comply and self-certify with the new safety standards.  A COVID-19 control plan template is provided on the state site to satisfy the written control plan requirement for self-certification.  Required employer and employee posters are available for download, as is the Compliance attestation poster that customer facing businesses are required to print, sign, and post in an area within the business premises that is visible to workers and visitors.

Visit the state’s website to learn more:


Paycheck Protection Program Relief Efforts 

RAM continues to receive questions from members regarding loan forgiveness under the Paycheck Protection Program.  In particular, members are concerned with the lack of clear guidance on how to determine whether borrowed funds will have to be repaid as a loan or forgiven as a grant. In addition, many members still unable to resume operations due to current Government shutdown orders are also concerned about their inability to meet the general forgiveness requirements that are currently known.

RAM has remained in contact with our federal counterparts at the National Retail Federation, as well as state and federal policymakers, to advocate for relief in this area.  Recent reports out of Washington indicate that a number of legislative proposals, which aim to overhaul the PPP and address many of the concerns voiced by PPP borrowers, have been introduced in Congress.  The President has voiced his support for making such changes. 
While the final details are subject to ongoing negotiations, loan forgiveness issues being considered include extension of the 8-week covered period for making forgiveness eligible expenses, elimination of the restriction limiting non-payroll expenses to 25% of the loan proceeds, and an extension of the rehiring deadline.
RAM will continue to monitor the progress of these efforts and update members as more information becomes available.  In the meantime, members are strongly urged to review the SBA’s updated Paycheck Protection Program FAQs and the recently released Loan Forgiveness Application