DFML Small Employer Advisory Group

The Department of Family and Medical Leave (DFML) is currently working to establish the benefits system necessary to administer the state’s upcoming Paid Family Medical Leave program.  As part of this process the DFML has reached out to RAM for assistance in identifying small businesses interested in serving on a Small Employer Advisory Group.  The goal of the Advisory Group is to gain the perspective of employers of under 100 employees regarding their implementation challenges and the system in general.  It is important to the DFML to hear directly from employers as to their needs so that it can ensure, if possible, that they get what they need to implement this program. 

Click here for a summary on the purpose and objectives for the group.  The DFML is in the process of scheduling the first meeting during the second week of March.  The DFML is also looking to identify event space for this meeting should any interested member have space available outside the City of Boston. 

This is perfect opportunity for members to gain first-hand knowledge on how to implement this program within their own business, raise unanswered questions about how the program will work, and play an important role in crafting this statewide system in a manner that works for all employers in the Commonwealth. 

Members interested in participating in the Small Employer Advisory Group may contact RAM General Counsel Ryan Kearney at 617-523-1900 or via email at [email protected].