PFML Update: Deadline Extensions and Public Hearings   

Public Hearings

The Department of Family and Medical Leave (DFML) has scheduled two public hearings to solicit stakeholder feedback on draft regulations published back in March.  The hearings have been scheduled for the end of next week, Thursday, May 23rd in Holyoke and Friday, May 24th in Boston.  May 24th also marks the deadline for submitting written comments to the department regarding the proposed regulations.  RAM will be attending the Boston hearing as well as submitting written comments.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the regulations that you would like for us to include in our comments.  For more information on the hearings please click here.    

Workplace Notification Deadline Extended

DFML has extended the deadline for employers to provide workers notification of the state’s new Family and Medical Leave Law to June 30th.  Employers must post notification of the law in the workplace and provide their current workforce with written notification of their rights under the law.  The notice, which may be provided electronically, must include the opportunity for the worker to acknowledge receipt or decline to acknowledge receipt of the information.  DFML has published on its website a model notification poster and model notification form, which includes the required acknowledgment provisions. 

Private Plan Exemption

DFML has also extended the deadline for submitting applications to opt-out of the state program to September 20, 2019.  Employers adopting a private plan may apply for an exemption so long as the benefits provided meet or exceed the benefits required under the law.  Private plans must receive approval by the state prior to use.  The September 20th date is the deadline for opting out of the program for the third quarter of 2019.  For more information on applying for an exemption please click here.

Questions or concerns may be directed to RAM General Counsel, Ryan Kearney, at 617-523-1900 or by email at [email protected].