August 17, 2022


ALERT to Retailers who Accept EBT Payments

The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) has reached out to RAM to ask our help spreading the word about the high instance of skimming scams associated with DTA benefits. 
In an effort to protect these benefits,  DTA is contacting the cardholders in certain cities and towns around Boston, Brockton and Quincy, that they are required to set a new PIN to use their EBT card in order to access their benefits.  

If a DTA cardholder has not reset the pin, their card will not work even though their benefits are still available.  Click here for more information, including the specific cities DTA has identified where significant fraud is occurring.

RAM wants our members to know that the update is quick and cardholders can change their PIN through automated steps by calling the number on the back of their card. This process can take less than 5 minutes with the cardholder regaining access to their benefits immediately upon completion. 

Click here for multilingual directions for cardholders to reset their passwords. These instructions can be placed near your check out for anyone has trouble changing their PIN.




MBTA Releases Diversion Plan Ahead of Orange Line Closure Beginning August 19

The MBTA released the Rider’s Guide to Planning Ahead as the T prepares for a 30-day full closure of the Orange Line from Oak Grove to Forest Hills stations beginning Friday, August 19, and the 28-day closure of the Green Line from Union Square to Government Center stations beginning, Monday, August 22. 

The Rider’s Guide is a tool to provide riders with alternative travel options and information to inform travel decisions, including how the MBTA is ensuring accessibility during the shutdown, during this project.

The Orange Line closure will be used to address a maintenance backlog and planned construction investments, all of which are focused on safety improvements and returning the system to a state of good repair. Thirty days of 24-hour access will replace more than five years of Orange Line delays and weekend diversions. 

The closure of the Green Line’s Union Square Branch will allow the T to perform final-phase construction work necessary to open the Medford Branch, which is now anticipated to open in late November 2022.

The T will post detailed diversion information throughout each of the 20 Orange Line stations that depict alternative travel options for riders that need to traverse the transit system during the closure.

Click here for more information.  

Click here for Orange Line Surge Presentation 2022.

MBTA Trip Planner will help you plan a trip if you’re looking for the best routes to get you where you need to be while the Orange Line is shut down. (Please note, if order to use the link you must set the date after the diversion begins on Friday. This will give information on your trip.)
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