Advertising and Promotion;  Pauline’s Gifts




 From left to right: Jon Hurst, Pauline Bresnahan, Jerry Murphy and Dave Ratner.

Community Service: Cape Abilities Farm



From left to right: Jon Hurst, Mary Desilets, Mark Bartley, Mairead Graf, Cheryl Nickerson, Phil Weber, Brandon Ryder, Tracey Fraser, James Barnes, Dave Ratner and Jerry Murphy.

 Restaurant of the Year: Bay Pointe Waterfront Restaurant



From left to right: Jon Hurst, with father and son Kevin and Erik Hynes, and Jerry Murphy and Dave Ratner.


Retailer of the Year: Tropical Foods



From left to right:Teofilo Cuevas, Heriberto Pena, Ana Carmona, Ajhar Uddin “Mohammed”, Luis Burgos, RAM President Jon Hurst, Hector
Saldarriaga, Randy Garry, Ronn Garry, Jr., Rider Castillo, RAMAE Master of Ceremonies & Owner of Dave’s Pet Food, Dave Ratner and RAM
Board of Directors Chairman and owner of M. Steinert & Sons, Jerry Murphy.


Retail Hall of Fame: Rocky’s Ace Hardware




From left to right: Elizabeth Vera, Store Manager; Mark Rader, District Manager; Brant Fahle, Director of Human Resources; Jon Hurst, Rocco Falcone,
President and CEO; Luis Pedro, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; Sonja Stewart, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Steve Poulin, Vice President Store Operations; Dave Ratner, Jerry Murphy, and Dave McDonald, Store Manager.


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