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DTA Notice To Retailers Regarding Skimming

In recent weeks, the Department of Transitional Assistance has seen a notable increase in skimming incidents affecting DTA clients.

Skimming, as you are undoubtedly aware, is a fraudulent practice wherein criminals obtain card information illegally by installing skimming devices on point-of-sale terminals or ATMs. These devices capture sensitive card data -- including card numbers and PINs -- which are then used for unauthorized transactions, leading to financial losses for customers and businesses.

Given the severity of this issue and its potential impact on our clients, it is imperative that we all take collective immediate action to address and mitigate the risks associated with skimming.

In this regard, we respectfully urge all retailers to:
  • Conduct Regular Inspections: Ensure that all point-of-sale terminals and ATMs are routinely inspected for any signs of tampering or unauthorized devices. Encourage staff to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately.
  • Enhance Security Measures: Consider implementing additional security measures such as tamper-evident seals, security cameras, and encryption technologies to safeguard customer data and prevent skimming attacks.
  • Educate Staff and Customers: Provide training to employees on how to recognize and respond to skimming attempts. Educate customers about the importance of vigilance when using payment cards and advise them to report any suspicious transactions promptly.
  • Collaborate with Law Enforcement: Work closely with local law enforcement agencies to report incidents of skimming and gather intelligence to identify and apprehend perpetrators.
Thank you! 


RAMHIC Offerings for 2024  

RAMHIC continues to partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to offer members access to the carrier's entire portfolio of high quality, small group health insurance plans.  

All members purchasing their health insurance coverage through the cooperative will also receive an expanded list of ancillary benefits, FREE of charge. 

Click image above to view a BCBS produced informational video on the power of the RAM/BCBS Cooperative. 

Please see our brochure for more detail on the expanded benefit package.  Specific information regarding each benefit may be found below: 

For more information please visit the RAMHIC page of our website. 




AG Campbell Targeting Junk Fees


Last month, Attorney General Andrea Campbell released a set of proposed regulations to prohibit hidden or “junk fees,” which she has described as being used to deceptively hike prices on consumers above advertised prices.  Based on feedback from members, RAM submitted written testimony to the AG urging her to move slowly and thoughtfully on these issues, allowing for more time to collect comments, and to defer to a similar federal rulemaking process currently underway at the FTC.  RAM also urged the AG to take a limited, narrow approach in the regulations to really focus on the bad actors, and to limit unintended consequences that may impact legitimate transaction processes. 
There is no set timeline on next steps, as the AG continues to take all comments under advisement.



Health Financial Accounts Webinar

5 strategies for designing an HSA plan your employees love

Healthcare costs continue to rise, and one way you can help your employees mitigate these rising costs is to offer them an affordable and attractive HSA qualified health plan.  But offering it is only half of the job.  To get your employees to adopt your HSA plan, it’s important to design it with their health and financial well-being in mind. Luckily, RAM’s partners at Health Equity are here to help.  
Join Health Equity to get five simple strategies that will help you design a plan that will not only appeal to your employees but will also help them see the benefits of it so clearly, they’ll be rushing to sign up. 

In the webinar, you’ll learn:  

  • How to maximize the financial value of an HSA plan 
  • Enrollment strategies that drive adoption 
  • Tips on how to engage your workforce year round 


  • John Doheny | SVP, Enterprise and Public Sector Sales
  • Amanda Riley | SVP, Enterprise Client Relationships
  • Matt Irvine | VP Sales, Eastern United States

Date and Time: Thursday, 2/29 @ 1PM ET
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MA Legislature Returns for 2024 Session

On Wednesday, January 3rd, the Legislature officially opened for business for the second year of the current two-year legislative session.  For the next seven months, through July 31st, the Legislature will operate in Formal Session.  During this upcoming busy stretch, lawmakers will have to make decisions on thousands of bills currently pending before various joint committees.  
Simultaneously, the development, debate and eventual adoption of an annual state budget will again dominate a good portion of the agenda.  Budget writers will have their work cut out for them this cycle as state revenues have missed projected benchmarks for the first six months of the current fiscal year, FY24.  Governor Maura Healey responded to the revenue trend with a series of immediate budget cuts in FY24, and a lowering of future revenue expectations.  She is due to file her FY25 budget proposal on January 24th.
In addition to the budget, other high profile agenda items may include gun reform, curbing health care costs, improving childcare access and affordability, housing affordability and adoption of an economic development plan. 


Learn How to Save on Your Energy Bills

Learn how small business owners can take steps to increase energy efficiency and reduce their expenses.

New programs and benefits available to small employers to help lower energy bills including:

  • Mass Save is offering new incentives on energy efficiency measures that will make members’ facilities more comfortable and save them money
  • Common measures, including insulation, weatherstripping, and air sealing, can be installed by professional contractors after a simple, free audit
  • Special incentives are offered to customers who rent their space from a landlord


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