Hundreds of RAM members are saving on their health insurance premiums and taking advantage of additional money saving benefits by enrolling in coverage through the RAM Health Insurance Cooperative (RAMHIC). RAMHIC offers a variety of plan options from Fallon Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA). All plans offered come with a 1% upfront premium discount and cooperative membership provides members with access to additional cost saving options not available in the open market.

As a (very) small business owner, the rising cost of health insurance prompted me to look into the cost savings offered by being part of a larger group. I was pleased to learn that my Blue Cross Blue Shield premium price would be discounted as a member of RAM, right off the bat. However I was even more excited when I received my first $300 gift card through Healthy Actions AND a credit at the end of the year toward my new premium. These benefits alone will ensure my continued membership with RAM for years to come, but wait, there’s more…The FREE Hosptial Care Plan is a very valuable benefit - one that I hope not to need - but will be grateful to have if I do. And, finally, while it’s the health insurance benefits that caused me to join RAM, I also ended up saving hundreds of dollars by switching my Worker’s Comp policy to RAM's exclusive non-profit workers compensation program. Sometimes in business we get so busy that we just continue to do the same things by rote because we don’t have time to do the research. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to join RAM and take advantage of these cost saving benefits!”

~Susan Lanoue, Lanoue Gallery, Boston

"We encourage our employees to participate in the Healthy Actions program because we feel that it helps them make more healthy choices as well as ensures that they visit their doctor once a year for an annual physical.  They like receiving the Visa rewards cards and we like receiving the refund on our health insurance premiums.  As an added incentive for our employees when Rose's Automotive receives the refund we always give a portion back to the employees.  So not only are they being rewarded by the Health Actions Program but also Roses Automotive."

   ~Claudia Rose, Rose's Automotive, Sherborn