Dear RAM Member:

Over the past three decades, RAM’s MA Retail Merchants Workers Compensation Group has saved our members $129 million in premium.  To provide members a similar solution for the rising cost of health insurance, RAM has been hard at work establishing the RAM Health Insurance Cooperative (RAMHIC).  Having secured a deeper upfront premium discount and expanded plan options, we are confident that our 2020 RAMHIC offering will help save you money on your health insurance.

We are pleased to announce that starting January 1, 2020 premium rates on all health insurance plans offered through RAMHIC will come with an upfront discount of 3% for both renewals and new participating members.  This represents a projected annual average savings of nearly $3,000 per participating business. 

Giving members more choice than ever before, members will now have access to the discounted rate on all 41 small group plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) and 20 small group plan options offered by Fallon Health.  And through the defined contribution model offered by both carriers, you can select more than one plan and allow your employees to choose the option best for them.

All RAMHIC plans are paired with the wellness program offered by our carriers which are designed to reduce overall healthcare costs by creating a healthier, more educated consumer.  To incentivize participation, the BCBSMA program even provides a $300 annual incentive to each participating covered employee, and up to a 7.5% back-end premium rebate to your business based on employee participation.  That’s a potential combined premium savings of 10.5% through BCBSMA. 

Click on links for Fallon Health and BCBSMA handouts outlining the highlights of their product offerings.  Members may also learn more by visiting the our RAMHIC webpage

Now is the time to take advantage of this money saving opportunity.  At your 2020 health insurance renewal be sure to ask your broker to get you RAMHIC quotes.  You may also contact RAM as your renewal date approaches and we will be happy to connect you with our carrier partners or a RAMHIC certified broker.

Like the group buying benefits of our Workers Compensation Group, RAMHIC is designed for our members to work together for better benefits at better service and pricing.  The more members that participate, the better the program will be in the future!